Dear Pauline:
   This message/letter is part fan mail, testimonial to your terrific
   team and lost & found notice.
   You completely requited my recommendation to Wilcox and Bell to
   use Watervisions as the B.C. connection.  There was an unusual and
   critical amount of planning and scouting necessary to assure succes
   in the short four days we had for shooting.  There is no way we could
   have pulled it off without that.  There is also no way Peter and
   Clayton and I could have survived the dry suit exercise without all
   hands in your team helping us and watching over us all the way.  With
   my life time of diving, I was still a greenhorn with dry suit and
   northern waters. And as for YOU.. we've decided that you are the
   Margaret Thatcher of the Canadian dive world.. and a lot better to
   look at. Cheers and thanks to you all. The best team I've ever worked
   with when I needed it most.
   Lost but not found: the plastic disc that clips on to the front of
   my Teledyne u/w housing.  It was custom-made and not easily replaced.
   It is white, heavy-duty plastic (actually fibreglass, I think).  It,
   was either left on the big boat or Mike's boat or in the hotel room. 
   I rather suspect the hotel.  If you can call and check I'd appreciate
   I think we both have a warm water trip coming after this last one.
   I'll work on that.  Meanwhile, shoot straight, dive well and share
   my warm thanks with all your fine team for a job superbly done.


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