Watervisions Consulting and Equipment Services

Underwater Production consulting - based on over 25 years of experience.

Package deals that include underwater studio, lights, HD camera housings and Hollywood award-winning expertise. 

Some recent examples of our work:

Consulting and Equipment Services for an unusual underwater project: A series of advertisements for the Vancouver Aquarium, that are on buses throughout Vancouver, BC and will be seen on billboards and in printed advertising.


The actors in this advertising copy for the Vancouver Aquarium were digitally photographed underwater in a regular swimming pool. Separate shots were taken for the actors' reflections in the aquarium glass. With professional post-production editing the finished product looks amazing. Although this was a stills shoot we used 1200 watt underwater movie lamps instead of the typical strobe lights normally used by stills photographers. The underwater technical consultant was Pauline Heaton, csc, and the underwater camera and lights were supplied by Watervisions.




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