Pauline Heaton CSC - Biography

In 2003 Pauline walked the Hollywood Red Carpet, with Jamie Lee Curtis, Stockard Channing, Lily Tomlin and others at the Women in Film Cyrstal and Lucy Awards to accept the Kodak Vision Award for Cinematograpy , which is presented to a filmmaker for outstanding achievements in cinematography. 

Pauline Heaton CSC, is Canada's only underwater director of photography for feature films and television. Pauline was honoured at the 100th anniversary of Hollywood and the 30th anniversary of Women in Film in Hollywood, for her underwater cinematography. Her company, Watervisions, does 80% of the underwater work for feature films and television in Canada, ranging from cinematography and rental of state of the art equipment to manufacturing and sales. Watervisions has taken their profits and produced their own films about the Canadian marine environment.

 Pauline started competitive swimming when she was 12, then quickly advanced to being active in almost every water sport. At the age of 15 she added scuba diving and photography to her list of passions. While diving in the Bahamas, she soon realized that still photography was not going to capture the drama of the creatures of the deep in motion, so she enrolled in Ryerson Polytechnical Institute and got her B.A. in Motion Picture.

 While in film school Pauline was able to work for various film companies. In the process of assisting on underwater shoots, she noticed that nobody in Canada had state of the art equipment. In order to investigate what was available worldwide, she flew to Britain to learn dome port technology (a method for correcting distortion of light underwater), and then checked out the best available underwater housings in Florida and California. She quickly came to the conclusion that she would have to make her own equipment if she wanted to meet all the requirements such as high speed and video assist. Her first products were underwater housings for cameras and then underwater lighting quickly followed. Watervisions was the first in the world to manufacture a light that had accurate dome port technology and now their lighting systems have set a world standard. Watervisions equipment is available throughout North America through major film rental companies. Pauline has set up her company to provide any services required for underwater filming from consulting to personnel and equipment to water testing facilities. All the technicalities and problem solving for the underwater shots are handed over to Watervisions to solve.

 Pauline Heaton has personally gained a reputation for being a cinematographer who has all the technical expertise and the visual talent to capture the lyrical beauty of the underwater world. Pauline and her company, Watervisions, have made a solid contribution to film and television through such works as "Jumanji", "Whale Music", "Free Willy III", "Intersection", "Magic in the Water" (winner of a Genie award for cinematography), "The Mermaid Chair", "Deeply", "The Great Gatsby", "Mercy", "Children of a Lesser God" , and TV series such as "Stargate Atlantis", " X-Files", "The L-Word", "Supernatrual", "Defying Gravity", "Due South", "The Guard", "Dark Angel " and Emmy nominated "Into the West" and "Traffic" and numerous commercials, just to name a few of Pauline's many credits. The main aim of Watervisions is to get natural underwater scenes up on the big screen as often as possible. To that end Watervisions has produced a documentary called "A Last Wild Salmon" for the Global Television Network, a one hour special shot almost entirely underwater. According to Pauline, "it doesn't matter if we rent the equipment or if we shoot it ourselves. It all helps to achieve our goal of raising awareness of sustaining the marine environment and its inhabitants."

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